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Summary: A short fic for Molly Hooper Appreciation Week - Day Two (In My Wildest Dreams)

Rating: G

A/N - It's AU day and that means Potter!Lock!

Of Healers and Heartthrobs )
darnedchild: (Pen of DC)
Summary: A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2016 - Day Four (Non-Canon/Head Canons - AUs and Crossovers). My first Potter!Lock.

Rating: T for a dirty word.
A/N - The Baker Street Wiki lists Molly’s birth year as 1979, which is the same year Hermione Granger was born. In my head (at least) Sherlock is a year or two older than Molly, John two to four years older than Sherlock, and Mary somewhere in between John and Molly. Therefore, at the time of the Final Battle, if I assume Molly was born prior to September 1st, she’s fresh out of Hogwarts.

Under Her Spell )

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