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Summary: Needing some time to regroup, Hermione travels to America to join a field crew observing the North American Sasquatch. She finds more than she bargained for.
Rating: PG 13 – for language
A/N: This is the 2010 SS/HG Exchange gift I wrote for hilaritasetlux. Hermione is burned out. She took one Master's too many, and now all she wants is to do something that doesn't require a lot of thought but does require time spent outdoors. She moves to America and gets a job monitoring the magical bigfoot population in the swamps of Louisiana. She is also surprised to discover that Severus Snape is the leader of the field crew. Lots of muddy, watery fun ensues as Hermione finds it unexpectedly hard to give up researching and unexpectedly easy to fall in love!

As always, I do not own Harry Potter or anything in the Harry Potter universe, I'm simply playing with them for a bit.

The Legend of Soggy Bottom )

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