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The Table of Contents )
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Summary: Sherlock sleepwalks.

Rating: G

A/N - One word prompt request – "Sleepwalking" for Sherlolly, from biroba

Cover of Night )
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Summary: Molly, Sherlock, and delicate lace

Rating: G

A/N - One word prompt request – "Lace" for Sherlolly, from strangelock221b

Delicate Lace )
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Summary: Molly meets a helpful "Man With a Van who is also a pilot" while on vacation in Fitton.

Rating: G

A/N - One word prompt request – "Mechanic" for Molly Hooper and Martin Crieff (Cabin Pressure), from penaltywaltz

I Am the Captain )
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Summary: Molly, Sherlock, and a thunderstorm

Rating: G

A/N - One word prompt request – "Thunderstorm" for Sherlolly, from likingthistoomuch

The Sound of Thunder )
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Summary: Sherlock has made it quite clear that he’s not boyfriend material, but that was before Molly needed to find a tactful way to avoid the attentions of a persistent admirer. Perhaps it’s just a matter of semantics.

Rating: T (probably, rating might change)

A/N - Written for Glitterkitty4ever, for winning my 250 Followers on Tumblr giveaway. This fic takes place after TFP and is very nearly canon compliant. There is one teeny, tiny, huge, gigantic difference that makes this an AU – Mary Watson lived.

Boyfriend Material )
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Summary: Sherlock needs a decoy wife for a case; and Molly is more willing to help than she wants to admit. It might have something to do with his chosen disguise.

Rating: M

A/N - I don't even know.

The Decoy Wife )

Part 1 / Part 8

Plus One

Jun. 16th, 2017 11:43 am
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Summary: Molly does a favour for Mycroft, and Sherlock gets it wrong. (Prompt: Mollcroft fake relationship with jealous Sherlock)

Rating: G

A/N - Stormflagflying answered my shameless begging for a short fic prompt idea – How about a Mollcroft fake relationship where Sherlock gets jealous? Currently unbeta'd, will make corrections once Lil has a chance to look things over.

Plus One )
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Summary: Sometimes you have to replace a bad memory with a better one. Especially if that bad memory was Dolores Umbridge in a pink negligee, hoping to get her hands on your bits. (Adult Hermione/Snape. Pure PWP with a side of humour.)

Rating: M

A/N - This is for Lilsherlockian1975, who said “Is there any way I can request a Snape Herm's story? If so, just PWP, around 4 years after graduation. Snarky hot sex with a happy ending?” I gave it my best shot.

Owe It All to Umbridge )
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Summary: A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Seven (Non-Canon - Free Choice). Molly has a very interesting talk with Bill Wiggins.

Rating: T

A/N - I was stuck for an idea for today’s fic, so Lilsherlockian1975 very kindly gave me one. “Molly and Sherlock running into Wiggins - he's all smug because 'he knew it!' (maybe because an all drugged up Sherlock spoke very highly of his pathologist and her perky little t*ts”. I modified the prompt a tiny bit. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, there is a tiny bit of naughty language in this one.
It’s not my best work, but I only had three hours to knock it out if I wanted to get it done today, so . . .

Shezza's Missus )

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